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Gurkha Gurkha "HIs Majesty Reserve"

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  • I have had these for a while. I can't for sure say the age of the cigars but they are at least 8-10 years old. They have been carefully stored in a humidor and are perfectly sealed. I am down sizing and selling off my collection. I will ship however the buyer sees fit for their situation.

    The world’s most expensive cigar!
    Gurkha 'His Majesty’s Reserve' (HMR) holds the title of “world’s most expensive cigar ever made." If you are looking to acquire the most controversial and, in many circles, the most coveted cigar of them all... this is it.

    For well over a decade, Gurkha has been delivering over-the-top premium products to the cigar industry en mass, and without ever holding back. 'His Majesty’s Reserve' is no exception to their penchant for extreme elegance and extravagant presentation, Rolled with vintage tobaccos from one of the rarest reserves stored anywhere in the world, each cigar is patiently infused with one of the most expensive cognac's that can be bought. The company hasn't confirmed much in regards to the blend, disclosing the wrapper is a well aged Dominican leaf. This varietal of tobacco is rarely utilized within the industry as a wrapper (OpusX a notable exception), and factoring in its considerable vintage, this is a very rare recipe ingredient, indeed. The recipe for the redolent long-leaf underneath it is a mystery, with some wondering if it is possibly pre-embargo Cuban leaf. To ensure each 'His Majesty's Reserve' reaches its full flavor potential and the max amount of aromatic intricacies, the proprietary technique calls for an an entire bottle of Louis XIII Cognac for each box of 20 cigars. This infusion process is unique in that it does not take away from, or mask the tobaccos' natural characteristics. Rather, the end result is complementary, cohesive, and completely indulgent.

    Since fewer than 100 boxes of HMR are produced annually.

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