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New Havana Cigars Seleccion Limitada by Tatuaje Capa Especial

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  • 18
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  • Description
  • I smoked 2 son only 18 in this box
    Review from Halfwheel- 94 rating-excellent
    "The NHC starts off strong, with flavors of oak, leather, sweet coffee and black pepper, interspersed with the perfect amount of spice on the tongue. Other flavors of chocolate, toffee and nuts come and go throughout the cigar, adding complexity, but never strong enough to be major players. The sweet floral note that I noted in the original review did not actually show up until around the final third, but once it did, it was quite strong, and stuck around until the end of the cigar. Construction is awesome, and the strength ended at a solid medium.
    I bought quite a few of these when they were released, thinking that they would age well, and with nearly a year's worth of age — I am not wrong. Just as complex, smooth and balanced, with the same flavors that I loved so much the first time around. Having said that, there are some differences from a year ago. Most notably, the sweet floral note took a little longer to show up in the profile, and the spice seemed to be a bit reduced overall. However, those are minor issues that in no way lessened the enjoyment of the cigar. I am glad I have a few more of these left to continue to age. Also, in case you are not aware, there was a rerelease of the NHC Selección Limitada Capa Especial limited to 200 boxes of 20 cigars and as of now is still in stock. I have smoked some of the new version and I am happy to report that they are just as good as I remember the original release sticks being when they were released. I have purchased some of the new ones as well, so I can compare the two over time.

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