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First of all, I want to buy some cigars! How does it work?

PuroTrader is the only platform that connects buyers and sellers globally! PuroTrader itself is not a retailer.. We just are passionate about connecting aficionados. To get started, create your account and complete the age verification when prompted. You can browse auctions and “Buy It Now” listings, and when you find the one.. you know, that cigar you’ve been searching everywhere for.. either place or your bid or make the plunge and purchase! Once you successfully win a listing, you’ll receive an email from PuroTrader with contact information to bring together buyer and seller. You will then provide payment and shipping information to the seller. (Psst.. we recommend Paypal here!) Your cigars will be on their way!

When I’m logged out I can see numerous listings, but when I log into my account, some of those listings disappear. Why can’t I see these?

If you have created your profile with an address located within the United States, the site has a security feature that limits the cigar selection to stay within the laws of the geographic area. Users in certain regions of the U.S. have greater restrictions (especially on Cubans) than those in Canada for example, who can see the cigars without limitation. This may be why you can see the cigars until you are logged in. Restricted states where PuroTrader buying and selling features will not work currently include California, Nevada, Massachusetts, or Virginia. Sellers within the U.S. are unable to see listings from sellers outside of the U.S. at this time, but users outside of the U.S. can purchase without restriction.

Should you ever move or travel out of the region, you can edit your profile to an updated location and be able to see and purchase without limitation. Your location attached to your profile is not shared with sellers, so they are unaware upon your purchase of your region. Once you confirm the purchase, you are prompted to get in contact with them to give them your shipping address (i.e. you are located in Canada but wish to send cigars to someone in a different country, this is usually possible with PuroTrader sellers).

How do I list a cigar for sale?

From the main home page, select the Humidor tab along the top bar. Under the “Search Your Humidor” bar, select the red icon on the right side of your screen entitled “Add A Cigar” which will redirect you to search for the cigar you want to add to your humidor. Here you can add a box, or a loose cigar. Next, enter the details about your box of cigars. Remember, the more detailed you can be, the better! Always add the number of cigars per box, and successful sellers usually include year of purchase or the date of production on the box. Add images of your box and check to make sure that all pertinent information is correct. Once you're satisfied with the information and images, select the red box entitled “SELL/TRADE."

Once you choose to list your box for sale, you can add any additional details you'd like, decide if you want to list your box for sale at a fixed price, or put your box up for auction. You can also let buyers know what your preferred method of payment is, and if you will cover shipping costs. Remember, when transactions occur on PuroTrader, we give YOU control over how you receive payment. Once a purchaser selects your box, we connect you so that you can arrange for payment and shipment information. We've found that Paypal is the most convenient and reliable for most of our users internationally. Now, you're ready to sell! Just confirm all of the information by selecting the "LIST IT" option at the bottom of your confirmation page, and your item will be listed to the PT community!

How do I pay for my cigar purchase?

Because PuroTrader is not a retailer, we do not automatically charge your card when you make a purchase. PuroTrader only collects the PT fee in an event of a successful sale. We built PayPal integration into the listing fields for easy payment between independent buyers and sellers, and to ensure that if there is ever an issue, you can get your money back via Paypal.

How much does it cost to use the site?

There are no fees per listing and your listings never expire. PuroTrader only collects a fixed percentage fee when you make a sale. Buyers pay a flat rate of 2% of the sale amount, and sellers pay 10% of the sale amount.

What happens if there is a bad seller?

Since the seller must submit their actual identity to PuroTrader in order to be approved, if someone is found selling counterfeits, they are banned permanently with no recourse to come back to the site. Paypal also gives buyers the power to get their money back and report the user. We guarantee no fake accounts and no spam bots, ever. Peer to peer reviews are also helpful in verifying sellers.