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browse cigars - Room 101 Death Bucket II

  • Manufacturer
  • Room 101
  • Country
  • Nicaragua
  • Description
  • Halfwheel:93 OVERALL SCORE"It's my final review of 2020 and what a treat of a cigar it is to wrap up the year. The Room101 Death Bucket 2 checks every box: flavor, balance, complexity, flawless construction, and an overall very enjoyable experience. I can’t say that there was a single unenjoyable puff from start to finish, with the profile bouncing between very good and outright great, rooted in a habano-forward profile of woods, earth and pepper, while tying everything together with creaminess. There is both stability in the profile from start to finish but also some subtle transitions that show some range of the tobacco. The only thing that has me a bit perplexed was the huge variance in smoking times, but that is so minor that it is quickly forgotten. If you can find this cigar, buy them and clear a few hours to enjoy an incredibly crafted smoke."-Patrick