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Montecristo 520 thoughts

Originally posted by Pierre Rogers September 05, 2015 05:36

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  • September 05, 2015 05:36
Having smoked a handful of these I think that they "will be" good. Currently the flavor profile is good, coco, leather, hay etc. But surprising how harsh and bitter the edges are. There is a fair amount of tar and nicotine too. Surprising considering how much age this cigar "should" already have. The factory claims 2 years plus of aging prior to release, and while the ammonia is minimal, I'm not that impressed thus far. It will be interesting to see how much age will be needed to round this cigar out. Thoughts?

When I bought boxes of these when they first came out, the individual who sold them to me told me to smoke them then and not wait. I thought they were fantastic. I had one a 6-9 months ago and I didn't like it. He said I waited too long. I gave one to someone recently and they loved it. Maybe they come back to life, maybe they're passed their prime. I still have a box or two. I'm not optimistic with the dramatic change from when I smoked them.

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