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Help Valuing A Few Boxes of Cigars (Mostly Cuban)

Originally posted by jm700 October 29, 2021 01:10

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  • October 29, 2021 01:10
Hello, I inherited a number of cigars from my father. I plan to keep the loose ones, but haven't decided about 5 sealed, unopened boxes. Being only an occasional smoker, I'm not especially knowledgeable about cigars and have had a difficult time finding good information on these since they are more than a few years old. I would appreciate any help regarding their possible value or desirability to help me decide on keeping vs. selling them. They include the following: - 2 boxes (25 cigars each) Bolivar Coronas Habanos (the dates on both appear to be March 2004) - 1 box (of 25 cigars) Montecristo Habanos (appear to be regular Churchills, no date found on box) - 1 box (of 25 cigars) Cohiba Esplendidos Habanos (no date found on box) - 1 box (of 10 cigars) Macanudo Baron de Rothschild Cafe (no date found on box) See this image gallery for pictures of each: Please let me know if I can provide any additional info or pictures on any of them. Thanks in advance!

All 5 boxes you can expect to see a price of around $400.00-$750.00

Hi JM. One thing that caught my eye was the glass top on two of the boxes, which I've heard may be a sign that they are not "authentic" Cuban cigars. (Meaning they were still probably made in Cuba and could be quality cigars, but not officially released by that brand.) Supposedly no cigar factory in Cuba ever released glass-topped boxes. You can read more about that in this Cigar Aficionado article: (And please don't kill the messenger. I have no idea whether or not your Cubans are authentic or not. The glass tops just rang alarm bells in my mind.)

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