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How to hack PuroTrader!

Originally posted by Ninpo4me February 16, 2017 17:37

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  • February 16, 2017 17:37
Hey guys, I am a US based user and I figured out a cleaver way to get around the PuroTrader filter. It seems as though the website uses your profile information to prevent you from seeing and thus purchasing cigars that are not allowed given where you live. So I figured out how to get around that, funny thing is many of the cuban dealers are located within the US. Which is awesome because then customs arent a problem. Go to the upper right menu button, click Profile > Edit Profile> then change BOTH your country and region to anywhere outside the US. Click save and poof you can see and purchase everything. The buyer sends the item to wherever is listed on your PayPal account anyway! Problem solved! Hope this helps everybody

That works, but when I link a payment method to pay Puro for trading fees, it sees a US based address for the card it once again filters out Habanos

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