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What are you smoking today?

Originally posted by rosajaniszewska June 01, 2022 21:36

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Hi guys, On another cigar forums this is very common. I am starting a thread to see what you are smoking each day. Today I am smoking the Macanudo Inspirado Broadleaf, it is a darker Maduro colour

Well glad you made this forum, I had myself a Rosa Cuba today one of my favorites with a cup of morning coffee smooth even burn good smoke not over powerful in flavor or aroma but the right amount to make your coffee have a little pep in it's step, kinda like a wake n bake cigar to me! Black Abyss now that be a afternoon or evening smoke for sure because the boldness! Then a Cuban round for mid day for the needed burst of flavors!

El Tiante Habano Oscuro Toro. It had been aging for a few years in my humidor, and I recently opened the box. I think the aging helped mellow it out a bit.

Today I smoked An Indian Motorcycle Corona - unsure of the exact name Punch London Club Maduro Jose L Piedra Brevas

Today I had a Balmoral Dominican Corona. I have some new equipment too; I painted this tray to put everything on and I bought a torch lighter.

Having a guantanamera mini in my backyard :)

Having a Cohiba Siglo I in my backyard :)

Today Smoking my Cohiba Red Dot loved it fron start to Finish! I'm now Giving away 1 Free cigar Per customer that makes a Purchase Happy 4th Everyone!

Had an Alec Bradley Mira Flor Maduro Churchill yesterday :) interesting flavours

Hello Rosa you interested in buying my cigar stock pile? I have well over 400 Cigars many loss, some still in wrapped boxes, and some humidors, If you need pictures of the entire lot let me know and I'll post them on Instagram under Auctioneer2022!

Had a Quorum Classic Robusto a little while ago :) it was decent

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