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Why You Should Use This Cigar Platform!

Why You Should Use This Cigar Platform!

By Pierre Rogers February 21, 2016

Why would anyone use PuroTrader? It is a simple question with a complex answer. If you are a cigar smoker or collector and are looking for a current production cigar you will most likely head to a local cigar shop or poke around on the internet. Maybe I'm the only one who asks questions like "Is this the best price available?" Local shops rarely achieve best price status on every cigar they retail. Overhead, taxes, currency fluctuations and storage are just some of the items rolled into every cigar bought through a traditional brick and mortar retailer.  You totally knew that already, so maybe you do some research online to guarantee you have the best price, or you buy it from an online shop. As I'm sure you're aware, you may not even be getting the best price from your online research, at least if you stick to only the first page. Search results are owned by those who pay the most and a few other factors, which I won't bore you with. Nearly all of the top ten search results are paid. So in theory they're probably going to pass those costs along by way of their cigar pricing in order to stay profitable.

Aside from the above, what if you want something a little more specific, something a little more RARE?  

**Play the Superman Theme Song** this is where the PuroTrader platform swoops in, saving the day! We are THE ONLY peer to peer cigar trading platform, that allows cigar aficionados to browse, trade, buy or sell from a global stock of collectors! The price of the cigar isn't based on overhead expenses or geographic limitations, but exclusively on the market. Market based pricing is the fairest, most transparent and liquid way of finding the best cigars for the best price.  

Many collectors, including myself have often lamented that geographic position dictates which cigars they have access to. For instance, Fuente Opus X  and limited edition Davidoff cigars are quite difficult to find overseas, and as we all know, in America, we have had no access to Cuban cigars for 60+ years.  These are glaringly obvious examples, however subtle and less obvious geographic constraints can be applicable to boutique cigar lines, which tend to be regional within the United States. The overall distribution model of cigars from factories to retailers is based on limited market research and almost entirely on what the shop owner believes will sell. In the digital age this just does not make sense.     

So why Purotrader? It's simple really, gain access to a selection of cigars from around the globe, obscure and those more common, and know that you will pay the best market price available. 

More importantly, once a trade is completed the pricing data for that trade is captured by the platform and is reported back to our user base. Think of this platform like the S&P 500 index for cigars. You will know the current market price for your entire collection of cigars, your portfolio.  As values of cigars change, users will be able to chart their personal collections in real-time. Imagine THAT!

So really - What are you waiting for? Join PuroTrader and the Global Cigar Revolution! 

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