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Gurkha Celler Reserve 18 Year “Koi” Cigar Review

Gurkha Celler Reserve 18 Year “Koi” Cigar Review

By Pierre Rogers February 12, 2016

Taking a first look at this little figurado shape from Gurkha Cigars, this vitola looks like it was dipped in oil; a short cigar with the longest pigtail cap I have ever seen.  

The Gurkha Celler Reserve 18 Year “Koi” is a stout cigar with a dark brown wrapper. This cigar's band covers more then 2/3’s of the cigars overall length.

The Corojo wrapper is thick with oil and begs you to take a closer look.  Gurkha states that the blenders used the rarest tobaccos and that they stumbled across an 18 year old Corojo wrapper and filler!

Sniping that beautiful curly, pigtailed cap off and taking a pre lite draw shows a firm but perfect draw.  Of course thats to be expected with a figured shape and should open up as it burns. Flavors that greet me are orange peel, banana and coffee beans. The cigar reminds me of freshly roasted coffee beans, complete with the shiny, dark brown color.  Carefully, I light the tip of the cigar and the flavor rolls in very thick and full. Saddle leather fills the front of the tongue and smoke production is high.  

Getting into the middle of this cigar the burn line is quite poor and has begun to tunnel for a short time.  Flavor is very rich and the coffee and black pepper fills the nose on the retro hale. While the cigar hasn't needed any touch ups, the ash is flaky and dark grey.  Flavor continues to build with a baking spice that lingers behind the pepper.  ​

The strength has leveled out in the final third and the heat is kicking up a notch. The tunneling issue was thankfully short lived and the burn line has improved dramatically.  The increase in heat broadens the coffee and spice which are vying for shotgun while sweet cream teases front of the tongue.  

In summary This cigar provides a ton of smoke production and an interesting flavor profile. The burn issues where annoying and the draw at one point was quite loose. The flavor was rich with loads of leather, roasted coffee bean and hints of spice and pepper. While there were no outward signs of the tobacco being young, the cigar lacked the complexity of tobacco that is Properly aged. If you are fan of the Gurkha flavor profile then the Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18 Year Old Koi is for you. This just tastes like a slightly better version of their core line up, not that that is a bad thing.  I gave it an 86 of 100 for the score.

Cigar: Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18 Year Koi 

Box Date: Nov 2015

Date Reviewed: 01/28/2016

Origin: Dominican

Wrapper: Corojo

Filler: Dominican

Size: 4” x 58 

MSRP: $11.00 (boxes of 20)

Total Production Released: 1000 boxes of each size


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