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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto Cigar Review

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto Cigar Review

By Pierre Rogers February 5, 2016

This cigar blend was ranked number one by Cigar Aficionado by scoring a 97 of 100; my thoughts on the most hyped cigar of 2015 are as follows. 

Le Bijou is French for “the jewel,” and 1922 refers to the year that José “Pepín” García’s father was born. The wrapper is deep dark espresso brown with oil for days.  This wrapper has very few veins and is supple to the touch, however a soft squeeze shows this cigar to be very firm.  The duel cigar band is highly detailed and done to a very high standard. The smell of the wrapper is rich and sweet with leather. Preliminary draw exposes a strength, but more on this later. The presentation is beautiful to say the least. Time to burn it up! 

First Third: Upon first lighting this cigar I can't believe how creamy and rich the flavor is.  This is a very hard thing to create in a cigar. The ash is already a bright white and firm which suggests above average construction as is the quality of the tobacco.  The draw however is strong and smoke production is average.  The flavor is a warm, decadent, sweet leather that is fairly linear complimented by bitter sweet chocolate and finished with roasted coffee beans. (Burn line has been perfect so far.) 

Middle Third: Getting into the meat of this cigar I realize that I'm simply not a fan of a ring gauge’s over 50. Frankly its uncomfortable to smoke and annoying to hold. The draw is consistent, while not unsmokeable its far from perfect. The flavor profile has become much more complex, and showing signs citrus and the sugar of a ripe banana. There is a slight black pepper towards the middle but only a hint.  If you are looking for the punch in the mouth blast that Don Pepin normally gives you, this is a more muted version.  The smoke production seems to fall with every puff, decreasing to the point that I would call meager.  The level of pepper is picking up with touches of pencil lead. The ash is bright white and very dense.  There seems to be an intermission in this cigar, where everything turns flat for a bit.  I am shocked a cigar with this much hype is playing out in such a manner. I have touched up this cigar twice, mainly due to the tight draw causing.

Final Third: im pleased to report this is maybe the best part of this cigar! Starting the final third the sweetness I love has returned! It reminds my of the last bits of movie theater popcorn that's been smothered in butter. Oh and it's good, however short lived, leaving me unsatisfied. 

Smoke production has been an issue throughout this entire smoke and the last third is not immune to this issue. The earth and pepper is now the star of the show, with the coffee bean singing back up. While the sweetness has taken a back seat, it's not completely gone and provides Wonderful accompaniment for the stars of the show. The My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto offers a dynamic finale.

In summary, Don Pepin has done a great job with this cigar. While I make it no secret that I love the sweet butter taste this cigar provides I just wish there was more.  What a tease! While I don't mind having to touch up a cigar from time to time, I found myself doing a bit too much. Coupled with that the draw and smoke production are a real problem. 

The cigar was packed too tightly and thus the balance of air flow was off, causing the aforementioned draw and burn issues.

I would offer this cigar would be best served with grilled beef augmented with a stout beer. I give it a score of 87 of 100.

Cigar: My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto 

Box Date: Dec 2015

Date Reviewed: 01/27/2016

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua 

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 5.6” x 55 Ring gauge 

MSRP: $11.40 (boxes of 25)

Total Production Released: NA 

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