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ECCJ Illusione Cigar Review

ECCJ Illusione Cigar Review

By Pierre Rogers January 20, 2016

The Illusione ~ECCJ~ 20th is stunning. The golden wrapper lacks any hint of shine meaning a distinct lack of oil. It is firm and well constructed, the cold draw denotes mixed nuts, hay, grass and leather, with subtler notes of citrus rind and cedar.   

The first third of this cigar completely surprises me with sweet, creamy leather complimented with a bit of nectar. The mixed nuts present in the cold draw become quite apparent, framing the body of this cigar and a sweet curry spice can be detected. The draw and burn are both outstanding and beg for you to venture further into this vitola.  

As I progress into the middle of this smoke, the curry recedes but never completely drops out of the picture, becoming one of the pillars of this cigar. The nutty, leather flavor yields to vanilla bean and dry grass, overall quite pleasant.  Wonderful complexities build, creamy milk chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon dance around the edges of the flavor profile. This smoke created is rich smoke and never breaks medium in strength.   

Getting into the back this of the Illusione ~ ECCJ~ 20th, the flavors found on the front have returned. Rich mixed nuttiness and a flirtation of maple syrup! The flavor does not rise above the mid strength mark and smoke production remains well above normal. The burn will impress, however I find the ash to be very loose and flaky. I do note cool the cigar and the smoke remain throughout.  


Having smoked three of these for this review I was pleasantly surprised at how well balanced this cigar was; constant flavor changes kept me engaged.  Overall construction was was near perfect, with plumes of creamy smoke. The draw was the definition of perfection, smooth, even with a slight pull. This cigar could use a more age, however don't let that stop you form enjoying a few now.  Score 93 of 100. 

Cigar: Illusione ~ECCJ~20th 

Origin: Nicaragua

Size: 6.25” x 48

Box date: 2015

Date reviewed: Aug 2015

MSRP: $13 (Boxes of 15, $195)

Total Production Released: 2,000 boxes of 15 each 

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