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Smoking Bans are B*llsh*t!

Smoking Bans are B*llsh*t!

By Pierre Rogers January 8, 2016

You know it's bad when I am the voice of reason! 

Over the last two decades our government has led the charge on the dangers of smoking, resulting in a global epidemic of smoking bans. It would appear that our leaders care more about gaining reelection then protecting our personal freedoms. When it comes to smoking (cigars only now) I believe the absence of law can be a protection of sorts.  

There has yet to be a political fat cat to stand up for those of us who consider cigar smoking as a leisure activity. I agree that while smoking has health implications, we should take appropriate steps toward tolerance of ones personal right to smoke. This is not dissimilar to consumption of alcohol or driving a car (producing vast amounts of “second hand smoke for those of you who want to get cute); hell the unofficial bird of California is the “leaf-blower” and those things don't even have a catalytic converter or muffler!  Our polititians continue to hide from any PR which may deem them “pro-smoking” and have no problem creating laws that protect all different types of groups, except cigar smokers.

Let's be clear, cigarettes and cigars are not the same. I'm fairly certain that if you're reading this blog post you're well aware of the difference between the two. For those new to the world of cigar smoking, here are a couple of those differences outlined. 

  • Cigarettes are meant to be inhaled as to increase the nicotine uptake into your system
  • Cigars are meant to be tasted not inhaled
  • Cigarettes are filled with additives and other addictive chemicals 
  • Cigars* have no additives, rather they are 100% tobacco leaves
  • Cigarettes stay lit even when you are not smoking them due to the additives
  • Cigars will burn out because they are only tobacco leaves
  • Cigarettes are designed to make you “feel” good  
  • Cigars are designed for flavor, not a physical effect 

Cigars are not meant to be inhaled lessening the health risks as compared to smoking cigarettes. Sadly, there is an overwhelming majority of people who want to ban smoking in this country at any cost, but don't take my word for it, look at the war on vapping. While there is no evidence in either direction good or bad; the same people who propagated the ban on smoking have attacked vapping with a vengeance. Keep in mind the “smoke” from vapping is water vapor, not smoke.  In the anti cigarette camp, it's not about the health risks surrounding tobacco, it's about control. You might be asking, what is the great hypocrisy I referenced above. While the U.S. is simultaneously banning the smoking of tobacco they are actively going pro marijuana!  As if the burning of a marijuana LEAF is somehow healthier then the burning of a tobacco LEAF. That my friends is hypocrisy!

I say let us smoke what our hearts desire whether that be cigars, cigarettes, weed, or crushed up unicorns!






footnote* in reference to cigars, the author is referring to premium handmade cigars i.e. not machine made cheap cigars you would find at a gas station

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