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Announcing the Melia Cohiba Cigar Lounge

By Pierre Rogers December 8, 2015

Stop what you are doing and make your travel plans to Havana Cuba, STAT. Many articles have been written about Cuba by authors much better then I, but before capitalism invades Cuba and changes the landscape forever, you should go and experience the richness that IS Cuban now. If you go, which I highly recommend you do, you will likely want a cigar. Check into your hotel and head to the cigar lounge in the Melia Cohiba hotel.  This hotel is located near downtown Havana and sits just off the water with amazing views of the coast line of Havana. You just can't go wrong with a trip to this lounge.   

Walking into the lounge you will notice the selection of fine rums directly to your right, don't get distracted, Mecca is just beyond the glass doors. Walk into the large, spacious walk-in humidor, try to act cool and casual, it will be difficult. Once you have a look at the selection you may start jumping for joy.

From left to right the shelves are 14’ tall and broken down by brand. The room is well laid out and very organized. As you scan the shelfs, notice that while the shelves are well stocked with popular brands and sizes, it is lacking many Edicion Limitadas. After selecting a handful of puros wander into the lounge area. There is a well stocked bar, with just about anything you need to go with your smokes. I suggest you drink RUM.

Settle down in the small VIP lounge which sits discreetly behind the client humidor lockers.  The walls are filled with photos of all the major Cuban cigar brands and oversized leather sofas and chairs. This might very well be heaven, with a view, as the window overlooks the coast line of Habana.  Among a few others, I chosea Cohiba Sig VI and pair that with the perfect cup of Cuban coffee.  You will find the waitstaff charming and responsive. (This may be due in part to the ultra low wages most Cuban people make. CNBC recently reported the average wage is $20 USD per month!  A service person at a high end hotel can make that or more in a single day.)  

The lounge also features live music from time to time. In short a little piece of heaven fell from the sky and landed in Havana. Great selection at reasonable prices, full stocked bar of libations and a fantastic waitstaff, and don't forget that view.  When you need to retreat from the bustling city below, there is broken in leather chair waiting for you at the Melia. 

Melia Cohiba Hotel

Calle 1ra, La Habana, Cuba

+53 7 8333636

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