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2014 FFOX Destino al Siglo Forbidden X Double Robusto Review

2014 FFOX Destino al Siglo Forbidden X Double Robusto Review

By Pierre Rogers November 19, 2015

The Destino al Siglo Forbidden X Double Robusto is a large format at 5 3/4” 52 ring gauge and sports what might be the most beautiful cigar band I have ever seen.  Rich, contrasting colors of black, red and gold are accented with perfect printing.  The wrapper is darker then regular production OpusX; a deep espresso with a reddish hue, even in color and a bit toothy, with a touch of vascularity.  The Fuente boys went to great lengths choosing this wrapper, and it shows.   

The pre-lit draw is sweet and creamy, like a rich Indian coconut curry, even and perfect with just the right amount of pull.  After toasting and lighting this rare Forbidden X, I am hit the warmth of sweet curry and a lingering cayenne spice. The mouth feel of the smoke is thick and inviting like to0 much cream in a cup of coffee. 

The first third starts soft, with the classic Opus spice subtly lingering in the background, but gives way to the rich, sweet cream. The strength is slow and builds progressively, giving you the chance to truly appreciate what goes into creating a cigar like this.  

The middle third the flavor turns up a notch; with the spice becoming  more evident with every draw.  At this point more subtle flavors lingering in the background come into the purview. Notes of vanilla bean, wheat toast and honey leave you wishing every cigar was this good.  

The final third of this OpusX cigar is starting to get a touch to warm; I find myself managing the cherry a bit more to keep things cool.  The cayenne pepper and spics are very prominet, reminding me this is indeed the reason I smoke an OpusX.  The flavor hasn't changed, but has deepened to include leather and cedar. I keep thinking of an aged New York steak, with the beautiful charred fatty edges, accented with salty minerals and protein.  This is a cigar to be savored and given its rarity it should be! 

In closing I found this cigar nothing short of outstanding.  The flavor was unique, yet comforting, complex yet welcoming.  Everything about this cigar screams opulence, from the beautiful wrapper to the intricate artwork on the band. Draw was near perfect throughout, I never experienced burn problems.  The flavor changed slowly enough that you were never bored but always comfortable.  Overall this cigar scored a 93 of 100. Given the extreme rarity of this cigar, pricing has been all over the map ranging between $47-$78 per cigar.  If you can find one, it's well worth the splurge.      

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