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Counterfeit Cohiba Behike’s

Counterfeit Cohiba Behike’s

By Pierre Rogers November 7, 2014

The Cohiba Behike (aka BHK) is the hottest and most desirable cigar on the market.  From Rappers to CEO’s, everyone who is anyone wants to be seen with only the finest, and the Behike by Cohiba is the best in production and Cigar Aficionado's Cigar of the Year.  Unfortunately being the best means counterfeit and Cohiba’s are no exception. They hold the title of THE most counterfeited cigar in the market place, and the BHK is rapidly falling victim to this fate as well.  Cohiba tries to prevent this by creating an intricate and detailed band that incorporates using holograms and we detail the points that you should keep an eye out for!

Cohiba Behike


Currently the Cohiba Behike is sold in boxes of ten only and the box detail needs close attention.

1) there are seven rows of white squares printed into the high-gloss black box.  The “Cohiba Behike” logo is printed in a very high quiltiy gold leaf. 

2) the bottom of the box is lined with felt and comes with a felt bag also with gold-leaf printing.(see photo) Inside the box you will notice that the hinges are engraved with the “Cohiba” name, a very elegant detail.

3) what you don’t see that is the most important; boxes are magnetically sealed, however you cannot see any evidence of Cohiba countersinking hardware into the box whatsoever.  The box closes well with no exposed hardware other then the aforementioned hinges.


1) Print quality should be nearly perfect, as with any SA Habanos cigar band.  If the band looks at all sloppy or misaligned then it is most likely a fake.  Please see the two photos below:

Cohiba Behike

Cohiba Behike

Here are all three sides of the BHK bands.  Please note the perfect even color of the cigar wrapper and the neatly finished “pigtail cap”. 

2) There are two rows of white squares that are uninterrupted around the entire bottom circumference of the cigar band, in addition to a single uninterrupted line of white squares along the very top row. 

3) The word Cohiba appears twice on the cigar band with a raised gold leaf embossing.  Note that both the Cohiba logos perfectly align themselves with corresponding graphic below. The “Habana, Cuba” logo sits in the classic yellow/orange hue, pay careful attention to the “C” in Cuba, notice that the font does NOT pierce the bottom of the “C” as we commonly see counterfeits do. 

4) An authentic band also has a pair of holograms of the Taino Indian Head. The first is within the golden Taino Indian head, which has ridges that look like a fingerprint on the inside along with a second smaller head. This inner head looks different from different angles and will reflect light in a rainbow pattern. The second hologram which appears on this scan as a number of small heads and the repetition of the word Cohiba, will also shimmer in a rainbow pattern in the light. See the genuine BHK band below:

Cohiba Behike

Here are a couple of fakes that we have come across.

Cohiba Behike

This is a well done fake, however there are a couple of details that are a giveaway.  The holograms are not true holograms but well done gold-leaf.  The small head within the larger head is also not a hologram but poorly pasted head that looks the same from every angle.  You may also notice that the counterfeit is missing the black boarder around the edge of the Taino head.  While it is difficult to see in this image this band also lacked the proper embossing of the words “Cohiba” and “Behike”. 

Cohiba Behike

This band was sent from a fellow aficionado and was purchased as bundle of 25.  As we have stated before, Behike’s are only sold in boxes of ten only.  The lower left hand graphic should be a patchwork pattern of Taino Indain heads and “Cohiba” logos.  The holographic image here is of very poor quality and appears grainy.

In summery, SA Habanos and Cohiba go to great lengths to hinder counterfeiters.  Please share what your experiences have been as we are constantly adding information to our site to try to keep up with counterfeiters.  

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