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Women and Cigars

Women and Cigars

By Pierre Rogers February 12, 2018

Women and cigars...
After much feedback and requests I decide to write a little guide for women to help them pick out a cigar a bit easier... 

Why is this article gender specific? I often see women choosing cigars based on size, many women who are just getting into the cigar hobby ask for a cigar that is a bit more petit then the average cigar.
Some women ask about flavored cigars, answer to that is, just don't do it. EVER. That is amateur hour ladies.. you’re better then that! Drew Estates makes a line of cigars that are flavor infused called Acid. Look, let me be real with you... Men are so excited that a women is enjoying a cigar with them that they will tell you it's ok to smoke one of these cigars. Here is the reality, these cigars smell like you are a smoking a head shop. Do youu know Chad? That kid from high school that thought he was a rastafarian from Jamaica? Yeah these cigars smell like you rolled up his THC laced dreadlocks and smoked it. Its gross and offensive. If you must smoke a “flavored” cigar the only acceptable version is a cigar called JAVA. This cigar has a sweet coffee flavor it, the oder is much more pleasant.
But lets say you have your big girl pants on and you want to enjoy a real cigar. Lets start with picking the right size first, as its the comment I most often hear from newbie female smokers. (Insert size matters joke here)
When choosing a cigar and looking for a more mild flavor which i strongly recommend when you are new to cigars. Size is an inverse relationship with strength. Smaller cigars are often stronger then then larger formats of the same blend. The reason is because the ratio of air to smoke is more dense and thus the flavor tends to be stronger. So ladies if you are looking for a more mild cigar, get a cigar with a larger ring gauge. By choosing a larger format cigar the air to smoke ratio tends to create a much softer and more mild flavor. So step one, larger format cigars tend to be more mild.
Second tip for choosing a mild cigar for a newbie is a bit more obvious. The lighter the wrapper is generally the more mild the cigar is. While not a fool proof plan this is good rule of thumb. The darker the cigars wrapper normally the fuller and stronger the cigars flavor tends to be. Wanna really sound smart? Tell the tobacconist that you prefer milder cigars from the Dominican Republic (The DR creates the mildest and creamiest wrappers) Believe it or not Connecticut still grows and harvests some amazing tobacco that also tends to be mild, creamy and coffee like, actually when high end cigar makers want to wrap their cigars with wrappers that are even in color and free of larges vines the often turn to Connecticut tobacco!
Speed: When smoking a cigar you are trying to find a perfect balance. The “cherry” is what we call the lit part of the cigar. If you don't smoke the cigar hard or fast enough then the cherry will start to go out. So you want to smoke fast enough (or draw firmly enough) that the cigars does not go out. However, you also do not want to smoke so fast that the ferry gets super heated. By smoking to fast the cigar can become acrid, bitter and harsh.. So there is a balance you are looking for. This is one of those things that may take little practice.

Quick recap ladies:

• Flavored cigars are a hard no. If you wanna hang with the boys then you need to put your big girl pants on.
• Larger ring gauge (fatter) cigars tend to be more mild then smaller skinner cigars
• Smoke your cigar at a steady and methodically pace, too fast will ruin it, too slow will let it die.
• General rule of thumb: The lighter color the wrapper the more mild the flavor tends to be

Now that you ladies have a general guideline, you can now you enjoy a night out with cigar in your hand and a drink in the other.


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