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New to PuroTrader? Here's How It Works!

New to PuroTrader? Here's How It Works!

By Pierre Rogers November 17, 2017

Here at PuroTrader, we work hard to bring you all of the site features you need! We're rolling out some new features in the very near future, but in the meantime, we're here to help you get acquainted with the site. You first question might be: What is PuroTrader?

PuroTrader was created by two aficionados who saw a need within the cigar community for an online marketplace that also connects cigar lovers around the world. PuroTrader itself is not an online cigar retailer; we provide the platform to keep the community connected! Have you ever been missing that ONE rare cigar you need to make your dream collection complete but you can't find it ANYWHERE?! Well we have, and that's precisely why PuroTrader was created. If we don't have it, we probably know someone who does. Our users can post items from their personal collections for sale or auction, and our reliable retailers on the site have tons of inventory to help you find what you're looking for as well. We verify our sellers' identities, and have a zero tolerance policy for any false advertising. We encourage our sellers to post clear pictures of their cigars and boxes to verify authenticity, and encourage our buyers to pay via Paypal for added Buyer Protection. 

Looking to buy? Simply make an account, enter the cigar you're searching for in the "Search Listings" toolbar (located midscreen on the home page or in the upper left hand corner if you're elsewhere on the site), and get shopping! Don't see what you're looking for? Always try shortening your search terms (i.e. just enter the brand, as opposed to the full detail of the cigar). Our inventory changes daily, so don't forget to check back regularly if you aren't seeing the one. If you aren't looking for anything in particular but want to shop around, try visiting "All Listings" under the "Auctions" tab. Here you can decide whether you want to look at all "Auction" items, all "Buy It Now" items, or browse "All Listings", which will sort the full inventory in order of recently added.

Looking to sell? Now that you've already made your account, you can search through our database by selecting the "Wiki-Cigar" tab in your top toolbar. When you find your cigars, add them to your humidor by selecting "Add to Humidor" from the "Actions" drop down menu. Once you've added detailed information on your box or loose cigars, as well as a few photos, just chose the Sell/Trade option and customize your listing! 

If you're just looking to connect and chat with other users, check out our Cigar Lounge feature! Other members often share tips, tricks, and helpful info for cigar enthusiasts as well as help with navigating the site. Looking for something we haven't addressed yet? Shoot us an email at! Also stay tuned for our FAQ page, coming soon!

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