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Need to Knock that Smoke Smell Out? Whiff Industries Has You Covered

Need to Knock that Smoke Smell Out? Whiff Industries Has You Covered

By Dan Genkin March 22, 2017

If you are anything like me, you love the smell of a good cigar… but only when you are actually smoking it. Days later you don’t want the smell to linger on your clothes or worse, the room you enjoyed it in. I've tried everything to get the smoke smell out. Baking Soda, Febreeze, smoke eater candles... you name it, I have tried it.  

Luckily I stumbled upon a smoke eater product from Whiff Industries (as chance would have it, they are cigar guys and their products are just what smokers have been missing). So I get my hands on their room spray as well as carpet deodorizer powder, and I put this stuff through the ultimate test.. the Wife test.

I lit up and smoked a fantastic Cuban in my den. The room was still and I lounged in a heavy cloud of fine Cuban blue smoke. After I finished for the evening, I grabbed the room spray and liberally sprayed the room down, including the fabric curtains and leather sofa. The rooster spray has a light and clean fragrance to it, not overpowering. The next morning I send the wife into the den for her thoughts. She was impressed that the room barely had any tobacco odor left. And the clean smell that the spray originally had? It was gone. The spray easily reduced the cigar smoke odor by 90% or more. I was impressed! Now I not only use it on the den but the dog bed as well. Want to give a smoking room the double whammy? The carpet deodorizer will knock out that whatever smoke scent is still hanging around. Give these products a shot; it's made for cigar guys by cigar guys. You can see what they have to offer here.

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