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The Ultimate Cigar Lounge: Sidestreet Napa

The Ultimate Cigar Lounge: Sidestreet Napa

By Dan Genkin December 29, 2016

Recently I had the opportunity to visit one of the most well-appointed, sophisticated, cigar spots I have ever seen; Sidestreet in Napa, CA. This is a sort of secret, must know somebody, cigar lounge hidden behind a small retail store in the middle of downtown. To add to the exclusivity, a secret code is the only way you can gain any further access beyond the entry room. You’re instantly cooler after a visit to this secret cigar society!

Once you make your way inside, mahogany, brass and leather decorate the interior with the faint aroma of tobacco in the air. I was nearly blown away by the Sinatra Room; this space is on the smaller side, but oozes sofistication. Decorated with beautiful furniture, black and white photos of the Rat-Pack at their prime, the room is relaxed and harkens back to an age when drinking scotch and smoking a cigar wasn’t trending on Twitter, it was just what a gentleman did.  

As you move towards the back of the club, a private room for closed door meetings or private events can be found. This intimate chamber gives the member complete control of the TV, music, etc. The walls are covered in classic photos James Bond's ladies (tasteful, not cheesy), along with subtle movie memorabilia, great conversation starters. In my opinion this room is a perfect place for an after business dinner night cap.  

The Founders Room, is the ultimate gentleman’s hangout, with soaring ceilings, quiet and efficient ventilation, music, large TV showing muted sports or classic movies.  What if a member forgets their cigar or is in the market for another? A Daniel Marshall humidor in the room is fully stocked so members can grab a vitola on the honor system (a small notebook sits alongside to jot your name down and be charged later so the fun never stops). One side of the room is covered in lockers that belong to the Founders of which a certain Californian governor is listed!

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Sidestreet is the attention to detail. The ventilation system is beyond amazing! I made a rookie mistake and wore a cashmere sweater, but when I left there was barely a hint of smoke on my clothing. The bathroom is stocked with items to freshen up properly, plus there’s a cigar holder and proper smoke ventilation! The lounge also has a small kitchen with an espresso machine and all the glassware you could need for ANY beverage. PRO TIP: You're encouraged to bring your own beverages. The hostess, a charming woman named Shar, is as warm and friendly as she is gorgeous, she runs the front of the house, a retail store that is open to the public that offers Davidoff, Padrons, and many more. They even carry a full line of lighters and cutters from ST Dupont. Details people!

This is an aficionado’s fraternity where every cigar lover will feel right at home. Sidestreet is truly a classic, ultimate gentleman’s lounge..  Beg, borrow and steal to find yourself a seat at this amazing establishment.  

760 Main Street
Napa, CA 94559
At Napa's Riverfront on the Riverside




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