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How to List Your Cigars for Sale

How to List Your Cigars for Sale

By S Graham December 3, 2016

We love getting feedback from our PuroTrader community, and some have asked how they can get started listing their cigars for sale or auction on the site. We want to make things as easy as possible for you to buy and sell with us, connecting aficionados worldwide. We've compiled this step-by-step guide below to help you along the way! Simply create your account, verify your age, and then follow below! Happy Trading!


From the main home page, search the database for the cigar you would like to list for sale or auction by entering it into the search bar. 








Once you see the results list, browse through the options until you find the correct box that you are looking to add. To list cigars for sale, you first need to add them to your humidor (your own personal inventory, if you will). Next to the description of the cigars, there is a drop down menu entitled "ACTIONS," from which you will select "Add a box to my humidor". 







Here, you will enter the details about your box of cigars. Remember, the more detailed you can be, the better! Always add the number of cigars per box, and successful sellers usually include year of purchase or the date of production on the box. 









Here, you can add images of your box and check to make sure that all pertinent information is correct. Once you're satisfied with the information and images, select the red box entitled "SELL/TRADE."









Once you choose to list your box for sale, you can add any additional details you'd like, decide if you want to list your box for sale at a fixed price, or put your box up for auction. You can also let buyers know what your preferred method of payment is, and if you will cover shipping costs. Remember, when transactions occur on Purotrader, we give YOU control over how you receive payment. Once a purchaser selects your box, we connect you so that you can arrange for payment and shipment information. We've found that Paypal is convenient for most of our users internationally.     











Now, you're ready to sell! Just confirm all of the information by selecting the "LIST IT" option at the bottom of your confirmation page, and your item will be listed to the PT community! 





If you have any additional questions, please contact us at, or you can reach us on social media @Purotrader on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! 








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