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Change your Environment

Change your Environment

By Dan Genkin November 6, 2016

I meet people every day. So many people. I like a few of them, but of late I've encountered a few individuals who exude the larger meaning of what I've started to define "SUCCESS" as. They actually make the atmosphere around them lighter, brighter, better and those exposed to that REACT to that. 

So how on earth do we become one of these fire starter, gamer changers? I think it could be fairly simple. By altering ones perspective from an internal focus to an external awareness and in turn focus. How often do you actually SEE the people you pass on the street or interact with at the office. It begins with awareness and acknowledgement of those encountered in your daily life. Ask yourself what they need, want, or are motivated by.

Everyone around you is struggling daily with "pain points". A pain point is simply a problem, whether real or perceived. If you can solve someone's problem, their life will become simiplier, easier, happier even.  

As a for instance, long line at a coffee shop. TOTAL FRUSTRATION right?

Step one: notice you are not the only person in a hurry. The barista looks overwhelmed by just how busy they are. PAIN POINT! They've probably been dealing with cranky customers all damn morning, who could give a sh*t about anything but getting their coffee in 2 minutes or less.

Step two: Solve their problem. Have your order ready. Try making a joke or offering a kind word like "It's crazy in here, but you're doing an awesome job!"

Step three: Know you have changed the atmosphere. Negativety propigates negativity. So alter it by making a stand for the positive.


“Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.” Carlos Castaneda 

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