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Cigar of The Year.. The Robusto

Cigar of The Year.. The Robusto

By Dan Genkin December 9, 2016

The list continues with the next category the Robusto format. This shape is typically a short and thick cigar, usually 5 inches long and a 50 ring gauge. Typically this is the most popular format produced in Cuba. Big ring gauge equals big flavor and lots of power. 

1.) Fuente Fuente OpusX “God’s Whisper”: This is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked in my life!  There, I said it. The flavor was exceptional, spice offset by floral notes, with a background of hay and earth. I hoped this cigar would never end. Draw? Perfect. Construction? Perfect. The only downside, this is not a production cigar and can be extremely difficult to source.

Score: 98 out of 100 

2.) Partagas Serie D No5 Edicion Limitada (2008): This particular cigar is one that we have enjoyed and scored in the past, albeit slightly higher, and is a prime example of the importance of ongoing reviews. It's known for packing a wide array of flavors into a relatively small package. This cigar has lost some of its rich, powerful charm, as it is just past the halfway point of its second maturation cycle, but that has given the subtleties a chance to shine. The dominant flavors, mainly of wood, were rough and overpowering in the past. With the age, the background sweetness has stepped forward. These will continue to age very well for the next 20 years.

Score: 93 out of 100

3.) Davidoff Special R Anniversario Edition. It’s hard to beat a classic, and I’m no fan of gimmicks; this cigar is a sequel that actually might be an improvement on the original Special R. It's lighter than the Millennium Edition, but more full bodied than the Special Series. It’s wrapped in Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade that gives it just enough edge to make it a contender. The familiar creamy and woody undertones of the original are present, with a hint more spice and pepper. Well balanced enough to be enjoyed on it's own or after a sumptuous meal. Be aware this baby isn't cheap, but you’ll get what you pay for.

Score: 91 out of 100  

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