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Cigar of the Year.. The Lancero

Cigar of the Year.. The Lancero

By Dan Genkin November 25, 2016

Thank you for following us as we continue our journey through our top cigars that we smoked in 2016! We are so excited to announce the top three cigars in the Lancero format, typically long, thin cigars between 6.5 and 7.5 inches in length and roughly between 38-42 ring gauge. It's undoubtedly an elegant and classic cigar. Without further ado...

TOP THREE Lancero Cigars of 2016

1.) Cohiba Lancero Habana Cuba (2009): This cigar has a razor sharp burn line and quite literally the golden standard among cigars (the key - lower humidity for longer, or dry boxing). This cigar starts with a rush of black pepper and settles in pencil lead and honey toast notes that linger throughout. A wonderful flavor profile with more smoke production than expected. Despite its smaller ring gauge, the cigar was mellow, gentle almost. However, ammonia is still present and this cigar could easily age 20+ years. Overall the subtle balance and finesse that I have come to enjoy from Cohiba was spot on. 

Score 94 of 100 

2.) Arturo Fuente Don Carlos 80th Edition Lancero (2016): This is a non-production cigar as this blend is not currently made in this format. The tobaccos used within this blend are reported to be between 9 and 12 years old. I've had the pleasure of seeing this cigar blended and rolled, so I can vouch for the high quality of the components. This cigar is a flavor bomb and you may feel as though you're smoking a Roman candle. Fireworks of flavor are lighting off every few seconds; the changes will surprise (and hopefully delight) at every puff. It only needs a little rest in your humidor to make it perfect.

Score 93 of 100.

3.)  Nat Sherman Sterling Lancero (2015): Leave it to Nat Sherman to set a trend in 62 ring gauge cigars! This cigar is a classic lancero, a mild blend, made more full bodied due to the format of the vitola. The flavors were amazing throughout: wood and cream notes up front, hints of black pepper, rounding out with some cedar, tobacco and citrus. This is a classic expression of what a great cigar should be. This affordable luxury should be in heavy rotation for any regular puffer. 

Score 89 of 100.


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