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Cigar of The Year.. The Churchill

Cigar of The Year.. The Churchill

By Dan Genkin December 2, 2016

A Churchill is typically 6.75-7 inches in length, with a ring gauge of 47-50. Traditionally made in honor of and popularized by, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, this cigar makes for a complex smoke that requires patience.

TOP THREE Churchill smokes we enjoyed in 2016. 

1)  Zino Platinum Grand Stretch (2005): Produced by Davidoff of Geneva, this impeccably constructed, large perfecto was already well balanced in 2005. Despite the size, it has always had an effortless draw. Medium bodied and toasty, age has served it well. Upon release, the Zino received an amazing rating of 89 from Cigar Aficionado magazine and in the last decade has become even more refined. Keep in mind, this is an expensive stick, retailing for around $40…each…in 2005. Certainly a novelty if you can get a hold of one, these well-made and beautiful cigars are perfect to enjoy if you're looking for a mild to medium bodied cigar with a perfect amount of age. 

Score: 95 of 100.

2) Montecristo Edicion Limitada 2008 Sublime (2008): This cigar is the size of a small billy club and has the flavor to justfiy it's enormity. The value has increased greatly of late due to the amazing complexity, medium to bold flavor (the cocoa is just delightful). The wrapper is a dark, earthy brown, with a light oil shine. The construction is good, not great, as you would expect from a Cuban cigar. This cigar has tremendous flavor, above average smoke production, and in my opinion hasn't even begun to show the full benefits age with have.

Score: 94 of 100.

3) Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona (1998): I was surprised by how light this cigar was, considering the size. You don't ALWAYS want a flavor bomb, sometimes you need a bit of subtly. Smoke production on this double Corona is below average and the flavor profile hits just under the medium mark. All of that is meant as a compliment! While this vitola has many years left to age, my suggestion is now is the time to smoke this cigar. I definitely don't expect any negative changes by adding more age, but why not enjoy this now?

Score: 91 of 100.  

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