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We Love Boveda.. Here's why you should too

We Love Boveda.. Here's why you should too

By Dan Genkin November 16, 2016

If you've ever traveled with or shipped your cigars, chances are you've had some experience with Boveda products. At Purotrader we know a great product when we see it; Boveda packs are no exception to that. They preserve and humidify like none other and will keep cigars in tip top condition during shipment, travel etc. 

Using a Boveda pack means I don’t have to worry about humidity fluctuations; I KNOW my cigars will travel in perfect smoking condition. Clearly we're sold on this product and think you should be too. We've decided to roll out a handful of how to videos on things like seasoning a humidor to proper storage tips. 

Check out our first video HERE.

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