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PuroTrader's Cigar of the Year Awards

PuroTrader's Cigar of the Year Awards

By cristine irwin November 18, 2016

We are always looking to expand our collections and knowledge of cigars both young and old, which is why we smoke aged cigars in addition to current production. Our long term goal is to better understand and track cigars as they age. Like wine, many cigars peak after aging, but how many years turns a good cigar to a great one?

We've taken the guess work out of aging trial and error by testing a WIDE array of cigars and compiled our findings into the Cigar of the Year award roundup. What sets the PuroTrader Cigar of the Year list apart from the litany of others released by cigar publications worldwide is the selection process. Cigars organically make their way into our humidors and we smoke them. We definitely don't claim to have sampled ALL the cigars in 2016, but we have an ample list of aged, limited edition and hard to find sticks. 

Throughout the coming weeks we will share our top cigars in each of the following categories. 

Figurado, Lancero, Churchill, Robusto, Corona, and Torpedo.

Cigars will be scored, ranked and reviewed on a wide array of features. No gimmicks or paid advertising, just our honest enthusiasm on great smokes that also make worthy investments! 



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