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How Can I Sell My Cigars?

How Can I Sell My Cigars?

By Dan Genkin October 24, 2016

Having poked around the interwebs for a lot of years, I am surprised to see how many people are willing to buy and sell their prized cigar stash on forums and even Facebook groups! When googling “How to sell my cigars” or “I want to sell my cigar collection,” it's amazing how much misinformation is available.

Don't believe everything you read!  

Let's say you come across a well trafficked forum in your search for a buyer. Seems like a popular place to buy and sell right? WRONG. Reason #1: there is no way to verify the identity of the person who is buying from you. Literally anyone can have a false account and attempt to buy or sell. If you can't verify the identity of the buyer/seller, there is no way to verify the age of this person. That puts you in a very dangerous position; state and Federal regulators are not keen on selling tobacco to minors (shocker)! While many forums attempt to track different users trading reputations, there is still inherent risk.

Forum selling = bad idea, so where to next? Facebook - WRONG AGAIN. Mark Zuckerberg doesn't dig anything tobacco related and he's quite vocal about not wanting cigars bought or sold across his platform. Facebook previously canceled many of the “groups” set up for cigar trading. It was only after many complaints that they were allowed back. In my humble opinion cigar groups on will be short lived. Still don't believe me? There is NO advertising of tobacco or tobacco related products allowed on Facebook as it “promotes smoking”. This rule applies to all tobacco advertising regardless of the demographic; we're not just talking about banning ads that could be targeted towards underage users. So you have to ask yourself, why do business on a platform that openly doesn't want anything to do with our favorite past time?

What about eBay you ask. NOPE. The sale of all tobacco products is prohibited on this site. If you are caught, your account can be suspended or banned. The only way current users are able to sell cigars is to lie in their listings. Sounds sketchy already. This pretty much leaves one option.  

PuroTrader is built for the cigar community. 

We go to great lengths during the sign up process to verify the age and identity of all of users. This means there are zero fake accounts, zero “bots” guaranteed. When a user buys or sells on Purotrader, both parties enter into a legally binding, contractual agreement to fulfill their end of the bargain. Honesty between the buyer and seller regarding the product and the transaction is what we are going for, protecting both parties.

PuroTrader is hands down the safest, most reliable, and completely legal way of buying and selling cigars. 

I may be a little biased, but there wasn't anything and that is ONE of the reasons I spent the last 3 years creating this site. 

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