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Cigar Aging 101

Cigar Aging 101

By Dan Genkin September 16, 2016

I've received more than a few questions about aging cigars. This isn't overly complicated, but it does requires some knowledge. In the next few weeks I'll be posting more about this particular subject. For now here's a solid overview to get you started

So why age a cigar?

A little bit (at least a year) will smooth out the flavor profile, taking any sharpness away as the oils in the tobacco leaves blend with each other (provided the humidity and temperature are kept consisten). I've often said age is what will make a good cigar an excellent one. Larger ring gauges do seem to respond more favorably to aging, however you can age just about anything, unless it's a cheap crap and then nothing is going to make it better.

Note: Did you know there are as many as seven different types of tobacco in each cigar?

Humidity is key here as it is the one thing that ensures the oils WILL NOT evaporate over time. Keep the humidity a touch lower than normal, around 67% and the temperature closer to 60 degrees. These two numbers need to be kept consistent; any fluctuations can have adverse effects on the goods being aged. Remember to keep the space in the humidor about twice the volume taken up by the cigars.

Top 5 Cigars to Age

1) Bolivar Corona Extra 

2) Cohiba "1966" Edicion Limitada 2011 

3) Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary

4) Montecristo "Sublimes" Edicion Limitada 2008

5) Fuente OpusX Petit Lancero 

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