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The Zenith of Watches

The Zenith of Watches

By Dan Genkin September 11, 2016

I recently I had the opportunity to visit Italy and the amazing @cigarstrategist was my tour guide! 

I arrived early to the train station in Rome, as I was sure to need a few moments to get my bearings and find the correct platform. The Rome main train station is fairly well laid out and easy to navigate with oversized LED screens offering clear directions. The building itself is lovely, vaulted ceilings and oversized windows provide ample amounts of natural light. 

After a quick cup of espresso I headed to my train. Comfy leather seats, plenty of table space and coffee and snack service! I was served coffee and snacks. 

Rome to Milan took a quick three hours and the views were incredible as we traversed the rolling hills of Italy. Arriving at the Milan train station was striking! It feels like you arriving in a 15th century cathedral. 

I grabbed a cab to La Casa del Habano for a very special evening hosted by Zenith and SA Habanos to  commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Cohiba brand.  

Walking into the LCDH in Milan is every cigar guys dream… old wooden shelves and worn floors give this shop a patina of a bygone era.  Throughly broken in, plush, leather chairs are stuffed in open corners so patrons my find a moment to rest.  I headed straight into the large walk-in humidor and was shocked at what I saw.  Rows upon rows of jars, from every brand you could imagine.  Stacks of Reservas and Grand Reservas, as well as LCDH release humidors from years back. A collectors dream! 

The press starting rolling in and we were nearly ready to begin! Luca, one of the two brothers that own the shop,  began distributing Cohiba cigars that had been doubled banded with the Zenith label. A large glass case with a silk sheet covering it was slowly pulled back for dramatic effect. Inside were two watches, one in gold and the other steel; both tastefully adorned with Cohiba colors across the face. I SWOONED! I decided I needed to examine these beauties more closely and confidently asked if I could see the piece. To my surprise they actually said yes and asked me to wear it!  The brand manager from Zenith reached out and grabbed my hand, I politely said that with watches of more then 20k dollars I would really prefer her to place that on my wrist. Check out my photos

I spent the next two hours trying to figure out if I could either sneak this watch out of the room, or convince my wife that 20k on another time piece was a legitimate business expense. Stealing seemed like a safer option.

This beautiful time piece will not be released into the US. This time piece is elegant, without being garish. Zenith Watches exude class without flashy and set the standard for a watch movement.  While the Zenith watch name is a little light within the US you will know some of the brands they have worked with: Rolex, Tag, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Omega to name a few.  

The evening was simply amazing! Being in Italy with wonderful people who made me feel like family was a testament to their culture.  A special thanks to @thecigarstratigist for inviting me and Fabiana from Zenith for allowing me to wear that beautiful timepiece however brief!


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