Our philosophy is simple

We Love Cigars

Hard Work is Synonymous with Cigar

PuroTrader was created by two aficiandos to bring more transparency and access to the global cigar market. The aim of the site is to educate connoisseurs, stimulate conversation and more importantly monitor market trends within the industry.

Pierre hails from a sleepy town in the Mt. Washington Valley, where the value of hard work and resilience is ingrained from an early age. That bit of New England salt and necessity sparked the idea for PuroTrader while searching for a replacement box of cigars. He now lives on the West Coast with his family, continuing to enjoy the nostalgic quality a cigar brings to a busy life. “The best thing about smoking a cigar is it makes you sit down and enjoy the moment.”

Soroosh can be described as a true Bostonian with the polish of a Southern gentleman. While he traveled extensively as a kid, he spent most of his formative years in Georgia making his way and eventually his home in Boston. Having spent many years in academia studying a mix of music and science, he is no stranger to the extraordinary pace life can expect. In his opinion true relaxation is a sought after commodity and a good cigar is the epitome of such.